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Clearing out the dust bunnies - links updated [Apr. 24th, 2012|01:14 am]
PaperCut -- Scanlation Group


A few days ago I was surprised by a visitor to this dusty little comm in the forgotten corner of the web. It certainly brought back a lot of memories. A lot has changed, I got a job and my love for scanlations had to be placed on the back burner. But for all of you out there who still loves OP, I'm re-uploading and consolidating.

Looking back I regret not finishing the Hachimaru anthology, and it's been so long already - to think that Robin was the new crew member when the anthology was published =.=

Hachimaru Hen - Ap the Best Anthology #1(9 stories, incomplete)
Hachimaru Hen - Touching Distance
Brave Story (v2c3 & c4 only)

I might be wrong, but I think the Yamato & Haga Inochi links still work, and if they don't then by all means let me know.


[User Picture]From: Panda ಠ-ಠ
2012-06-04 09:09 pm (UTC)
I looked up the Yamato + Haga Inochi links, but they all seem to be on megaupload, which is now bust D: So if you could, please re-upload them ¬_¬

If I'm looking in the wrong place, please direct me to the right links! (sorry!!)

Also, VERY WELCOME BACK! (that made no sense! but yay!!!)
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[User Picture]From: alexandrite_c
2012-06-05 12:26 pm (UTC)
Erm, we're not exactly back, since it's just me fixing up the links....although I probably SHOULD at least finish my stories *sigh* Is anyone still interested in old OP doujin?

I'm sorry I don't have all the Yamato + Haga Inochi stories, since it wasn't my project. The only ones I've got are Jukebox Dawn, Tiger's Keeper, and The Moon and Sixpence, so if you want those, I'll put them up. Some of the Mediafire links for the other works are still functioning I think, otherwise you'd probably have to try and get into contact with the original team.
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[User Picture]From: manekineko77
2012-11-26 06:34 am (UTC)
I would love to read these, so if you cannot upload them, could you send them to me? It would be much appreciated.
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